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Hindi Studies

About Us

Hindi is the official language at the federal level in the Republic of India and is the fourth most spoken language in the world (position differs depending on the ranking criteria). TUFS is one of the few universities in Japan where Hindi is taught as a major.

Besides learning the language, students can also learn about past and present Indian philosophy, culture, history and society. India is a country of importance whether in terms of the traditional cultural aspect of the country which includes relations with Japanese culture, or the economic aspect which has come into the limelight recently. There are great possibilities for expansion once you have started research into India.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

We adopt a modular system for the curriculum. After acquiring the basic language skills, students should aim to understand and appreciate on their own the voluminous amounts of written materials across genres in India and the culture as represented by traditional arts. In addition, through writing the graduation thesis, students can also develop their ability to analyze and organize newly acquired information and to develop their powers of expression.

We use textbooks found on the market but are also currently developing our own. Lessons are conducted by one native visiting professor, two full-time staff and one part-time staff. For the past number of years, the visiting professor has also been leading students, mainly from the first year, on a 3-4 week educational trip to India during the spring vacation.

Careers After Graduation

Recent graduates have found employment in mass communications (newspapers, publishing, TV programs production), IT-related industries, travel, transportation, manufacturing (steel), pharmaceutical industries and education (English). Some have also gone on to graduate schools (University of Tokyo).


MIZUNO,Yoshifumi Professor Sanskrit literature and Medieval Hindi literature
FUJII, Takeshi Professor Modern history of South Asia; Caste consciousness; Ethnic minorities, language problems, history of social thought and socio-religious reform movements in South Asia; Social history of South Asia
RITUPARNA, Suresh Chandra Agarwal Visiting Professor Hindi language and literature
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