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German Studies

About Us

The German major department, one of the best in Japan, views the ability to use the German language as its basic priority. In order for our students to make practical use of the language, they are given a chance to learn widely, and in depth, from top-class lecturers in disciplines such as language, culture, history and social studies.

At the department, our top priority is for students to acquire a practical level of the German language. As such, students are thoroughly immersed in learning the basics of the language for most of the first two years. In addition, we also conduct general and specialized lessons about the German-speaking world from the first year so that our students can have a comprehensive understanding of the German-speaking world and carry out specialized research on specific subjects.

We welcome anyone who loves learning a foreign language more than anything else, as well as people who are interested in learning more about the German-speaking world and Europe.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

At the German department, we aim to cultivate a truly-educated man or woman who has an academic attitude as well as a wide range of knowledge about the German-speaking world.

To this end, we use textbooks prepared by the staff and materials customized for the students. Lessons for the first two years are carried out four times a week by Japanese tutors, and twice a week by native German tutors. Conversational classes with native German tutors are held in small groups of 15 students. At the third and fourth years, students can choose a language class they are interested in, e.g. conversation, reading comprehension, and essays classes. In addition, specialized courses, especially those of practical usage, are held in small classes.

Careers After Graduation

After graduation, most of our students find jobs in commerce, mass communications/ IT and manufacturing industries domestically and overseas where they are able to make use of the knowledge they have learned. There are also quite a few students who became teachers, civil servants and researchers.


SOMA, Yasuo Professor History of modern and contemporary Germany/Europe
NARITA, Takashi Professor German as a foreign language
YAMAGUCHI, Hiroyuki Professor German literature, culture and thought
CHIBA,Toshiyuki Associate Professor  
FUJINAWA, Yasuhiro Associate Professor German as a foreign language
NISHIOKA, Akane Lecturer  
SPAGNOLO, Vincenzo Visiting Associate Professor German language
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