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French Studies

About Us

French, as a language, is still an important international lingua franca today, as well as being an extremely charming tongue. The French Major is where students can enjoy the language while seriously studying it. It is also where students can learn about the French culture comprehensively and from different angles. Our students will come to realize that France is more than just about fashion and gourmet cuisine, but is actually a country which possesses many facets and becomes more profound as you learn more about it. In addition, the language skills they pick up will also help them in analyzing various events from a global perspective. The French language and culture will definitely be your guide as you step into the world of knowledge and embark onto the world stage.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Learners of a foreign language face many problems before they are able to use it effectively. However, if one lacks the experience of immersing oneself in the language and responding to its complicated nuances, then the word “internationalization” can be nothing more than an abstract invention. That is why we have prepared a program which makes it possible to learn usage-based French and the various aspects of French culture. We look forward to you joining us.

For teaching materials, we make use of materials developed in France and materials that have been developed under the 21st Century COE Program “Usage-Based Linguistics Informatics”. First and second year students take 6 periods of French lessons a week. For example, first year students have 3 periods of conversation lessons with a French lecturer and another 3 periods of grammar and reading comprehension with a Japanese lecturer. In addition, under the course “Basic Area Studies 1 and 2”, which is about French history and culture, second year students learn French from our French lecturer. In other words, lessons conducted in French on France are introduced from the second year onward.

Careers After Graduation

After graduation, our students have secured jobs in the manufacturing, trading, finance, transport, information technology and service industries; many have become civil servants and teachers or have continued their studies. In recent years, our graduates have been recruited by Toyota Motors, Nisshin Seifun, Isetan, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and the Asahi Shimbun, among others.


TSURUGA, Yoichiro Professor French linguistics; Functional linguistics
KAWAGUCHI, Yuii Professor French linguistics; Old French and dialectology
MATSUURA, Hisao Professor History and theory of modern art
KUDO, Koichi Professor History of modern and contemporary France
HAKATA, Kaoru Associate Professor French literature and culture in nineteenth century
Kuwada Kohei Lecturer French literature in twentieth century; art
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