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Czech Studies

About Us

The Czech Republic lies almost at the center of Europe. The official language in this small country far away from Japan is Czech. TUFS is the only university in Japan that offers Czech as a major.

Here, students spend the first two years learning the language, and the next two, various aspects about the country. The Czech Republic is famous in many cultural and artistic fields such as literature, animation and music. In Japan, there are many people interested in things coming from the country. Unfortunately, there are not many people who can speak Czech in Japan. The ability to utilize knowledge in Czech will enable information to be acquired more quickly and directly.

However, as it has always been influenced by bigger neighboring countries, even if you wanted to find out what the country was like just a few years ago, you would probably come across literature written not only in Czech and English but also in many other languages. As this is a university specializing in foreign languages, we have a very conducive environment to learn one more (or two or three) foreign languages. We therefore welcome you to take advantage of this environment at TUFS.

The Czech major provides a platform for people who wish to know the Czech Republic thoroughly, and who wish to take on the world using Czech as a launching pad. As a matter of fact, Czech is extremely different from Japanese in terms of grammatical structure. As a result, it is not easy even to learn the basics of the language. We look forward to meeting people who really want to find out what “very difficult” means.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Textbooks used to learn this language, which presents many hurdles at the beginning stage, are those sold on the Japanese market as well as those developed by our own staff. During the second semester of the second year, students will be able to read passages of sufficient length, and from the third year onward, they will read articles, novels, etc that are published in Czech. In lessons conducted by Czech lecturers, mainly teaching materials from the Czech Republic are used, but by the end of the fourth year articles selected from the Internet and other sources are also read and discussed.

Careers After Graduation

Graduates have found employment in many industries. The mainstream used to be the tourist and distribution industries but recently many graduates have also found employment in the manufacturing industry. This is because many companies have set up factories or sales offices in the Czech Republic. In addition, one or two students move on to graduate school each year.


SHINOHARA, Taku Associate Professor Modern Czech and East-Central
European history; Czech social history
KANAZASHI, Kumiko Associate Professor Slavic philology
HOMOLAC, Jiri Visiting Associate Professor Czech culture and literature