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Chinese Studies

About Us

Chinese Studies, one of the oldest majors in TUFS, has been the pillar of Chinese Studies education in Japan since the Meiji Era. With China's rapid growth in recent years, the demand for Chinese language is increasing day by day. Our focus is two-fold: the practical usage of the language and the acquisition of grammatical knowledge, an indispensable part of foreign language education. Since the 1995 University Reform, we became a member of East Asian Studies. Students can now learn more about the East Asian region's languages, cultures and societies comprehensively.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Most of the language textbooks used in the first two years are designed by our staff. They are created in accordance with our lesson structure and basic principles, and are specially designed for reading comprehension, essay writing and conversational classes. Students would find them rich in both quantity and content, and should be able to master a high level of Chinese language after two years of intensive training. The size of these language lessons are usually 30 students per class. However, the conversation classes are further divided into 2 groups, each limited to 15 students in order to carry out small group intensive lessons,

Careers After Graduation

  1. Manufacturing Finance:Toyota, Honda, Kuraray,Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Norinchukin Bank
  2. Mass Communications:Nihon Keizai Shimbun, NHK, Fuji TV
  3. Judiciary:Kuroda Law Office


MIYAKE, Takayuki Professor Modern Chinese grammar
KATO, Haruko Professor Modern Chinese Grammar, Contrastive Linguistics of Japanese and Chinese
KAWASHIMA, Ikuo Professor Medieval Chinese literature
USUI, Sachiko Professor Chinese history
SAWADA, Yukari Professor Area studies: Contemporary China; Social welfare; Sociology; Development economics
LIU, Changhui Visiting Lecturer  
QUAN, Min Visiting Associate Lecturer