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Education System

The educational aim of the Faculty of Foreign Studies is to provide students with a deep understanding and knowledge of the languages, cultures, and societies found in various regions of the globe and to nurture students who are able to express publicly their own original ideas with confidence.

In order to achieve this goal, it is a requirement that student choose a major from amongst seven regions and twenty-six languages upon entering the University and spend their first and second years intensively studying the language of their major. They are also required to study subjects that will deepen their general understanding of the region in which their languages is used, and improve their information literacy. Furthermore, in their third and fourth years students will choose from among three courses of study (the Program of Language and Information Studies, the Program of Culture and Literary Studies, and the Program of Area and International Studies) and attend classes in their respective fields.

In addition to these three courses of study, five specialized courses of study were established in 2004 with the aim of preparing graduates who can enter their respective job markets with highly specialized skills. These five courses are Japanese-language Education, English-language Education, Language Information Engineering , International Communication, and International Cooperation. These five undergraduate programs will enable students to continue these same programs on an advanced level in the Graduate School, in what will eventually become a special five-year integrated undergraduate and graduate program.

Internship, including those undertaken within companies, and short-term study overseas will also be introduced into the curriculum of each program.

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