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Culture and Literary Studies

Daily life-the human activity of living-is all-encompassing. Indeed, language, history, economy, and politics all stem from human life. This course of study allows students to obtain a deep understanding of a language and the culture, climate, and society that underpin it while observing people who have lived or are currently living in that culture and understanding it by using the thoughts, feelings, and the style of expression of individuals in it as clues.

The course of study offers classes in a wide range of fields, including thought, culture, philosophy, literature, religious studies, psychology, anthropology, and human sciences. These branches of learning may sound old-fashioned or formal, but they are scientific methods students use to study human beings. In this course of study, students do not simply study literary and artistic works. Other effective targets of research are movies and TV commercials, as well as sports events like the Olympics and the World Cup soccer tournament.

This course allows students to study:

Thought and literature

Philosophy, thought and culture, history of scientific thought, culture and symbols, religious studies, European culture, American culture, Asian culture, and Japanese culture


Comparative literature, Western classical literature, European literature, American literature, Asian literature, and Japanese literature

Correlative human sciences

Cultural anthropology, psychology, human geography, topography, physical geography, and sports science

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