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Area and International Studies

All events occurring in today's world are closely interrelated and mutually affect one another. As globalization progresses at an accelerating pace, the notions of existing regional frameworks and boundaries around the world are being greatly shaken and their drastic restructuring is under way. In this course of study, students look closely at the world and its various regions to obtain a deeper understanding of the regions and of the world as seen from regional viewpoints. They also approach diverse problems that arise in the regions from various scientific points of view using widely varying methodologies.

The primary goal of this course of study is to conduct area and international studies while keeping in mind the viewpoint of people living in the world's various regions and focusing on acquiring language abilities. The course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the problems that the world and its regions face.

This course allows students to study:

International politics - Aiming for a peaceful world without conflict

Principles of political science, international relations, international law, regional conflicts, regional politics, and jurisprudence

International development cooperation - Aiming for a world free of poverty

Development theories, resource and environmental issues, regional economics, economics, and business administration

Coexistence in the international community: Aiming for a world without discrimination

Movement of people and coexistence, human rights and discrimination, regional societies, and development and symbiotic society

History and archives

Studies of regional history (North America, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, Western and Southern Europe, Western Asia, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa), transregional history, and studies of archives

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