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Area and International Studies

In this major course, students make the best use of the expertise TUFS has accumulated over many years from its area studies to gather information on the trends of contemporary society as it becomes increasingly globalized and to obtain a deep academic understanding of human beings and the world. The goal is to develop the ability to deepen academic discussions and carry out creative practical activities in real life.

This major course has a wide variety of area researchers, a great benefit for interdisciplinary studies, comparative studies, and international studies. It also has many international students, greatly stimulating exchange among the students.

Area Studies

In this course, students aim to learn thoroughly the language and culture of an area they study to obtain an in-depth understanding of the area. Rather than merely remaining a well-informed source, they make free use of local materials and historical documents and cultivate the ability to obtain a comprehensive understanding of people living in one of the diverse areas in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas, or Japan. To that end, students have to understand how world developments have influenced the area. It is thus necessary to firmly base their studies on the latest knowledge available in the social sciences, history, and other disciplines.

This course has the following fields of study:
East Asian/Southeast Asian studies, South Asian/Middle East/African studies, European studies, North and South American studies, and Japanese studies

International Society Studies

The aim of this course of study is to understand the world by constructing scientific and systematic methodologies, including studies of international relations, political science, law, economics, sociology, and cultural anthropology, as well as gender and cultural studies. Whether students are mainly interested in a certain area or in international trends, it is essential for them to obtain a deeper understating of their subject by mutually and closely relating knowledge of a particular area to that of the whole world and then comparing the two.

This course has the following fields of study:
Comparative society studies, international society studies, and culture and society studies

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