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Applied Linguistics

This major course aims at developing specialized professionals with close relations to a certain language and area by cultivating practical language abilities. TUFS, active in educating international students and hosting a wide range of international symposiums, provides students many opportunities for practical training.

Japanese-language Education

The objective of this course of study is to develop students who will play an active role in theory and practice in such areas as teaching Japanese as a foreign or second language, developing curriculums and educational materials, and training Japanese-language teachers. Students aim to acquire extensive knowledge of Japanese-language education and heighten their research abilities by refining their expertise in their field of study. Students will also develop their practical abilities to teach Japanese through practical training and visits to schools.

HP of "Practicom of Teaching Japanese for Speakers of Other Languages"

English-language Education

As it is becoming increasingly important to develop communication abilities using English as an international language, this course of study aims to cultivate English-language teachers with high-level expertise and skills to enable them to have their future students learn English efficiently as a foreign language.

Language Information Engineering

In this course of study, students aim to understand the relationships between not only English or Japanese but also various other languages and information technology and obtain a deep, extensive understanding of language, regional culture, and international society backed by information technology. Students can also acquire practical abilities to analyze issues related to language (grammatical structure, phonetic sounds, characters, etc.), language education, global communication, and information media and local communities using an approach based on information engineering. The aim of the course is to develop human resources who will play an active role not only in IT-related business sectors but also in intellectual property and planning and development divisions in advanced fields, including genetic technology, which require a high competitive edge in the international market.

International Communication and Interpreting

This course of study develops persons with a high-level ability to use two or more languages and have extensive knowledge of world politics, economy, culture, and other subjects. Graduates will be able to work as consecutive or simultaneous interpreters or coordinators for international meetings and other events. Currently, this course is offered for persons wishing to be Japanese-English interpreters.

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