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Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Graduate School of Global Studies aims to meet two demands.

1) In an increasingly complicated and multipolarized environment racing to keep up with developments in science and technology, we aim to provide a broad education that connects the fields of language, culture, history, politics, and economics for teachers and researchers so that they may delve deeper into issues of import, further developing their scholarship and judgment skills.

2) As international relations become more sophisticated and complicated, we aim to develop specialists and other types of persons desired by Japanese and overseas companies and organizations, both private and public, which actively engage in international operations. Key elements are the development of an international perspective founded upon the understanding of language, culture, society, and economy in various regions of the world.

The greatest feature of our Doctoral Program is that we have integrated language and culture studies with area studies in a seamless manner. Based on studies of literature written in over 30 of the world's languages and area studies that cover not only the West and Asia but also the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania, the Doctoral Program adopts a unique and advanced research and educational system unparalleled in Japan. Our aim is to develop highly creative and energetic researchers and active professionals with a high level of expertise. Since its establishment, the Doctoral Program has already granted doctorates to many students who completed the doctoral course or a doctoral dissertation. It has also graduated many excellent researchers and high-level professionals.

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