Learn a wide range of languages and cultures, become a bridge to the world

Studying in the School of Language and Culture Studies

In the School of Language and Culture Studies, emphasis is put on the learning of languages and cultures from various parts of the world, and the nurturing of international professionals possessing applicable skills and knowledge on the languages and cultures of the world, including Japan.

A language is only one part of any given culture, but at the same time it is the gateway to that culture. At the School of Language and Culture Studies, emphasis is placed on language-based subjects and, over the four years of this undergraduate program, it is possible for students to master their chosen major language, English, and other foreign languages to a high level. Based on this, through specialized education, we cultivate the mindset that human actions can be understood in relation to language and culture.

Features of the the School of Language and Culture Studies

  1. Students have the opportunity to study many of the world’s languages and cultures
  2. In addition to a chosen major language, students can also master English and other foreign languages over the four years of study
  3. Through specialized education, students develop the ability to interpret and understand the effects of language and culture on human actions

The Curriculum

In the first year of this program, students study their chosen major language, basic knowledge on the regions relevant to this language, and ‘Global Liberal Arts Subjects’ as part of the ‘Global Liberal Arts Program’, a curriculum shared by all departments at TUFS. The School of Language and Culture Studies places emphasis on language learning, and so the majority of credits needed for graduation come from language-based subjects. Students continue studying languages, including English and other foreign languages, throughout the four years, but also receive specialized education through their choice of course and elective subjects from the third year onwards.

The courses of the School of Language and Culture Studies are;
Language and Information Studies
Applied Language and Communication Studies
Cultural and Literary Studies

[From April 2019]
Regional Studies
Trans-regional Studies

Major Languages

In the School of Language and Culture Studies, the major language chosen by each student becomes their ‘unit of affiliation’. Students study their chosen major language throughout the entire four year program, and also decide their own specialist fields through their choices of introductory and survey subjects. From third year onwards, students enter one of three courses. In addition to attending lecture-style classes, students also attend seminars from their chosen research advisors, and endeavor in producing a graduation thesis and/or graduation research in their fourth year.