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Global Linkage Initiative Program (GLIP)

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) offers the Global Linkage Initiative Program (GLIP) with the aim of training future academic and business professionals to become active participants in the global society.
GLIP is composed of two groups of subjects: GLIP English Language Subjects and GLIP Subjects in English. Whereas GLIP English Language Subjects enhance English language skills, GLIP Subjects in English offer students opportunities to learn about various fields of study in English. These are elective courses whose credits can be used to fulfill the requirements for graduation. In addition, GLIP is also designed to prepare students for study at universities abroad.

GLIP courses are also offered as part of the students exchange program (ISEP-TUFS program), allowing Japanese students to study with exchange students from all over the world.


GLIP English Language Subjects

GLIP English Language Subjects are designed to improve students’ practical ability in English. They are composed of Interactive English, Academic English, and Career English, which enable students to study English step by step according to their levels and needs. They prepare students for studying abroad, enrolling in graduate school, or using English in business contexts.

In addition, integrated language skills classes are offered as Summer/Winter Intensive English (SIE/WIE) courses during the summer/winter quarter.

In addition to these regular courses, TUFS English Learning Center (ELC) supports and facilitates students’ autonomous English learning.

GLIP Subjects in English

In GLIP Subjects in English, students are expected to develop their English skills through learning various academic topics in English.

GLIP Subjects in English consist of two categories : “GLIP Global Liberal Arts Subjects” and “GLIP Subjects of Specialization.” While “GLIP Global Liberal Arts Subjects” are open to all students irrespective of their year or major, “GLIP Subjects of Specialization” are more specific to particular fields and some of them are restricted to students in the second or third year and above.

GLIP Subjects in English are offered in the following six fields of study, which correspond to the six Specialized Education Courses offered in the two Schools at TUFS.

(Specialized Education Courses)
Language and Information Studies
School of Language and Culture Studies
Applied Language and Communication Studies
Culture and Literary Studies
Area Studies
School of International and Area Studies
Contemporary Global Studies
International Relations

For a complete list of GLIP subjects in English offered in AY 2016, please refer to the following link.