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Funds and Donations Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Educational Funds

March 31, 2006

Dear Alumni,

As I already mentioned in my letter to you on the ‘Message from the President’ page, TUFS became classified as a corporation in April 2004. This means that we have had to implement autonomous management as we aim to provide education and research of world-class quality at an internationally competitive level. The executives and faculty are united in striving to meet these demands, and we have already been blessed with outstanding results in pursuit of our aims. Many students who started their adult lives at TUFS have proved to be great assets to society. However, financial aid from the government is being gradually reduced. We have to admit that in order for TUFS to maintain its unique identity and brand we need for your financial support.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Education Funds is one of the pillars we have established as a concrete measure for accepting contributions from anyone willing to help us. At the same time, TUFS is working to establish the International Education Support Fund. Its objective is to provide scholarships and support for overseas study for both undergraduate and graduate students. We are proceeding in consultation with Tokyo Gaigo-kai as the nucleus. In due course, once the outline of the Fund has been defined, we will inform you further.

We look forward to your kind contributions. Thank you very much.

Cordially yours,

Setsuho Ikehata