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Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Strategic Projects

Top Global University Plan

A University in the Center of the Cycle of Knowledge
―From the World to Japan, from Japan to the World―

TUFS was chosen in 2014 to participate in the MEXT ‘Top Global University Project (Type B: Global Traction Type).’
Through this plan, TUFS is aiming at furthering the globalization of universities in Japan.

Our Vision of the Future

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Acceleration Program for University Education Reform: AP

Grand Connection Reform and Promotion Project
~Strengthening of Graduation Quality Assurance~

This project aims to distribute a ‘Portfolio and Diploma Supplement (PODS)’ to objectively show a student’s level of achievement in language ability, their specialist area, and their ability to take action and communicate. For students currently enrolled, this will be edited into a final ‘Multilingual Global Portfolio.’ We will prepare the portfolios so current students can look and see their personal development.

TUFS Portfolio and Diploma Supplement Homepage (link in Japanese)

Promotion of Japan Studies

A MEXT Functional Enhancement Project at TUFS since 2015
―Strengthening of Japan’s Presence―

Here at TUFS, we are working towards a single mission: ‘to establish education and research systems for Japanese language education and Japan studies from an international perspective, while also broadly spreading the outcomes of research on Japan, international society, and culture.’
These proactive efforts have been recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan as part of the ‘Public University Functional Enhancement Program.’

Main Initiatives