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TUFS vs. ICU American Football (We'll Win Next Year!)

published June 6, 2017

On Saturday 27th May 2017, As part of our student exchange in a comprehensive agreement with the International Christian University (ICU), the TUFS and ICU American football clubs (TUFS: Phantoms; ICU: Apostles) played a friendly game at ICU. After kickoff at 11, the fierce contest was spectated by Hibiya Junko, President of ICU and Takeda Chika, Vice President of TUFS. The final score was 7 v 21, with ICU in the lead. This was the 7th friendly match so far between TUFS and ICU, and TUFS now holds a score of one win and 6 losses. Vice President Takeda, representing TUSF as spectator, affirmed that "we will definitely win next year!"