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104th Intramural Boat Race

published June 6, 2017

On Wednesday 31st May 2017, the TUFS Intramural Boat Race, which boasts a history of over 100 years, was held in Toda Park in Toda city, Saitama Prefecture.

This is a university-wide event in which mainly new students and exchange students participate, and this year 304 participants from 68 teams competed in 300 metre 5-person boat races. The contest centres around the 'Hagyou Races' in which students form teams based on their area or language of study (men's and women's), and this year current students volunteered in a total of 32 races.

This year turned out to be a flamboyant occasion, with many participants wearing T-shirts representing their particular areas and languages of study, and others sporting specially made headgear and costumes. The Voice Acting Society provided commentary, and the grounds were charged with excitement. During the final hagyou Races, people could be seen running alongside the boats of their affiliated areas and languages of study while cheering them on.

104th Intramural Boat Race Results

Men's Hagyou Race

RankingGroup Name
1st Place Southern Asia(1分39秒53)
2nd place North America, English(1'44"41)
3rd Place Russia(1'45"63)

Women's Hagyou Race

RankingGroup Name
1st Place Italy (1'51"69)
2nd place Western Europe, Spanish (1'54"09)
3rd Place Oceania, English (1'59"58)

Senior Students' Race

RankingGroup Name
1st Place

Brazilian Research Society (1'44"93)

2nd place Barabara (1'52"11)
3rd Place Minori ha Mina no Mono (1'54"37)

New and Foreign Student Race

RankingGroup Name
1st Place Ottosei (1'52"36)
2nd place Ferurusai (1'53"48)
3rd Place Myugehoja Shin'eitai (1分54秒50)