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アリアン・ボルロンガン (BORLONGAN, Ariane Macalinga )


sociolinguistics, English linguistics, world Englishes, historical linguistics


The course surveys the current state of research and, accordingly, the different methods used in researching on language and society. It familiarizes students with the fundamentals of sociolinguistic research before moving on to the various techniques used in the field. Methods in more specific subfields of sociolinguistics are also discussed. The course highlights research themes that have been of interest to sociolinguists and also those that have recently caught the attention of linguists and other academics worldwide.


Broadly: Language variation, language change, language attitudes, code-switching, interactional sociolinguistics
Specifically: Varieties of English, historical change, register variation, attitudes towards English in relation to other languages

受講上の注意などThe seminar will be taught in English.
Students are welcome to join the seminar as their secondary seminar (サブゼミ).

last updated on: 2017-03-29