Event Reports

The Online Lecture Advanced Course Finished!

On June 24, the online lecture advanced course has successfully finished its syllabus as programmed by four member universities, Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka) and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan).

The advanced course paid attention to especially enhancing ’interaction’among participants. Its contents aimed at developing the analytical skills for peace building by using case studies in each country. The course was constructed by mainly two parts such as the lecture and the presentation part. In the lecture part, all member universities participated in lectures about the situation of each country. In the presentation part, member universities were divided into two teams, the team of Indonesia & Sri Lanka and the team of Cambodia & Japan. Students in each university prepared the peace building proposal elaborately and eagerly towards a partner country. Also, structured reactions were done towards the proposal. As a result, discussions and debates were actively held especially in the presentation part. These active communications could be seen not only in the online class but also on the course board which is for the members’ only website for the online lecture.

The global campus office will collect the evaluation sheets from students and will develop the answers into future activities.

You can check the shortened version of the videos of each slot. Please choose the lecture's title from the Event Reports and click the ‘play’ button in a video player screen!

Students in Cambodia participating online lecture

Indonesian students stating the opinions

Students in Sri Lanka listening to the opinions from other countries