Event Reports

The International Symposium facilitated by TUFS in Tokyo

’The International Symposium Searching for a New Approach to Peace and Conflict Studies
-Towards a New Era of Peace Building and Conflict Prevention-’ was held on 25, 26 January facilitated by the Graduate Program of Peace and Conflict Studies [PCS] in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

GCP faculties also participated and made a presentation on the international symposium. In addition to GCP faculties, faculties from various institutions or universities -Prof. Christopher Cushing, Prof. Norman Cook, Prof. Anthony Oberschall, Prof. Abelardo Brenes, Prof. Kinhide Mushakoji, Prof. Hiroyuki Tosa, Prof. Hideaki Shinoda, Prof. Takeshi Daimon, Mr. Akira Kawasaki, Mr. Tsuyoshi Ito and Ms. Miyako Maekita - and from TUFS - Prof. Keiko Sakai, Prof. Kenji Isezaki and Prof. Yoko Hirose - had presented. A lot of audience was stimulated by speakers. Debates among speakers and audience were actively held.

Conference Date and Time
Friday, January 25, 2008. 13:30-18:30 at Rm909
Session 1 "Emerging new phenomena of conflicts in the world"
Saturday, January 26, 2008. 10:00-18:40 at Rm906
Session 2 "Discovering an essence in causes and aftermath of conflicts: from a perspective of area studies, sociology, education, and psychology"
Session 3 "Challenges in Peace Communication - A New Way of Realizing Peace in Peace and Conflict Studies"
*Simultaneous interpretation available
See the following website for the symposium agenda.


Prof. Christopher Cushing (Bradford University)
Prof. Norman Cook (Nagoya University)
Prof. Wadir Safi (Kabul University, Afghanistan)
Prof. Anthony Oberschall (University of North Carolina)
Prof. Amr Hamzawy (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
Prof. Trond Gilberg (Pannasatra University of Cambodia)
Prof. Abelardo Brenes (The University for Peace)
Prof. Muhadi Sugiono (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia)
Prof. Arjuna Parakrama (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)

Prof. Kinhide Musahkoji (Former Vice rector of Untied Nations University)
Prof. Hiroyuki Tosa (Kobe University)
Prof. Hideaki Shinoda (University of Hiroshima)
Prof. Takeshi Daimon (Waseda University)
Mr. Akira Kawasaki (Peace Boat)
Mr. Tsuyoshi Ito (Generation Times)
Ms. Miyako Maekita (Sustena)

Prof. Kenji Isezaki (PCS, TUFS)
Prof.Yoko Hirose (PCS, TUFS)
Prof. Keiko Sakai (Middle East and Islamic Studies Project, TUFS)

Conference venue: Tokyo Fashion Town Building (http://www.tokyo-bigsight.co.jp/english/tft/index.html)
Access: http://www.tokyo-bigsight.co.jp/english/tft/map/main.html

This symposium is sponsored by the Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education of Japan Society of the Promotion of Science.