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A list of books below shows the GCP's collection of PCS related literatures.

Title Author(s) Year Publisher ISBN
Designing for Virtual Communities in the Service of Learning Barab, Sasha A., Kling, Rob & James H. Gray (eds.) 2003 Cambridge University Press 521520819
Development and Humanitarianism : Practical Issues Deborah Eade & Tony Vaux 2007 Kumarian Press 9.78E+12
Dialogue of Civilizations: A New Peace Agenda for a New Millennium Tehranian, Majid & David W. Chappell (eds.) 2002 I. B. Tauris 186064712X
Diplomacy And War at NATO: The Secretary General and Military Action after the Cold War Hendrickson, Ryan C. 2006 University of Missouri Press 826216358
Disarmament Sketches: three decades of arms control and international law Graham, Thomas 2002 Institute for Global and Regional Security Studies : University of Washington Press 295982128
Dynamics of contention Doug McAdam, Sidney Tarrow, Charles Tilly 2001 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy Acemoglu Daron Robinson James A. 2005 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
Effective academic writing Savage Alice, Mayer Patricia 2006 Oxford University Press 9.78E+12
Empire's law : the American imperial project and the 'war to remake the world' Bartholomew Amy 2006 Pluto 9.78E+12
Empirical political analysis : quantitative and qualitative research method Jarol B. Manheim et al 2008 Pearson/Longman 9.78E+12
Ending Civil Wars: The Implementation of Peace Agreements Stedman, John, Rothchild, Donald & Elizabeth Cousens (eds.) 2002 Lynne Rienner 1588260836
Enforcing the Peace: Learning From the Imperial Past Marten, Kimberly Zisk 2004 Columbia University Press 231129122
Engendering human security : feminist perspectives Chhachhi Amrita 2006 Zed Books 9.78E+12
Engineering Peace: the Military Role in Postconflict Reconstruction Williams, Garland H. 2004 United States Institute of Peace Press 1929223579
Essentials of International Relations Mingst Karen 2008 W W Norton & Co Ltd 9.78E+12
Ethics and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Religious and Secular Perspectives Hashmi, Sohail H. & Steven P. Lee (eds.) 2004 Cambridge University Press 521545269
Ethnic Conflict Wolff, Stefan 2006 "Oxford University Press, USA" 192805878
Ethnic Groups in Conflict: With a New Preface Horowitz, Donald L 2000 Univ. of California Press 520227069
Ethnic Politics of Muslims in Sri Lanka Ameerdeen, Vellaithamby 2006 Centre for Minority Studies 9559989200
Exit Hirschman Albert O. 2004 Harvard University Press 9.78E+12
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