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A list of books below shows the GCP's collection of PCS related literatures.

Title Author(s) Year Publisher ISBN
Civil Military Operations in the New World Fishel, John T. 1997 Praeger Publishers 275947971
Civil society : challenging western models Chris Hann, Elizabeth Dunn 1996 Routledge 9.78E+12
Civilians in War Chesterman, Simon (ed.) 2001 Lynne Rienner Publishers 1555879659
Committing to Peace: The Successful Settlement of Civil Wars Walter, Barbara F. 2001 Princeton University Press 691089310
Comparative Politics of the Third World : Linking Concepts and Cases Green December, Luehrmann Laura 2007 Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc 9.78E+12
Condemned to Repeat?: The Paradox of Humanitarian Action Terry, Fiona 2002 Cornell University Press 080148796X
Conflict and Reconciliation in the Contemporary World Whittaker, D. 1999 Routledge 415183278
Conflict Prevention: path to peace or grand illusion? Carment, David & Albrecht Schnabel (eds.) 2002 United Nations University Press 9280810812
Constructing Peace: Lessons from UN Peacebuilding Operations in El Salvador and Cambodia Hall MacLeod, Lisa A. 2006 Lexington Books 739110969
Constructive conflicts : from escalation to resolution Kriesberg Louis 1998 Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 9.78E+12
Contentious politics Tilly Charles and Tarrow Sidney G. 2007 Paradigm Publishers 9.78E+12
Cooperating for Peace: The Global Agenda for the 1990s and Beyond Evans, Gareth J. 1994 Allen & Unwin Pty. 1863736239
Counterpoints : selected essays on authoritarianism and democratization O'Donnell Guillermo A. 1999 University of Notre Dame Press 9.78E+12
Cultural contestation in ethnic conflict Ross Marc Howard 2007 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
Current Perspectives : Readings from Infotrac? College Edition: Crisis Management and National Emergency Response Burton Sabina 2007 Wadsworth Pub Co 9.78E+12
Decisionmaking on War and Peace: The Cognitive-Rational Debate Geva, Nehemia & Alex Mintz (eds.) 1997 Lynne Rienner Publishers 1555877214
Defusing democracy : central bank autonomy and the transition from authoritarian rule Boylan Delia M. 2001 University of Michigan Press 9.78E+12
Democracy Tilly Charles 2007 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
Democracy and democratization Moran Michael, Parry Geraint 1994 Routledge 9.78E+12
Democracy from above : regional organizations and democratization Pevehouse Jon C. 2005 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
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