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A list of books below shows the GCP's collection of PCS related literatures.

Title Author(s) Year Publisher ISBN
Aiding Peace?: The Role of NGOs in Armed Conflict Goodhand, Jonathan 2006 Lynne Rienner Publishers 1588264874
An educational war on poverty : American and British policy-making Pamela Silver 1991 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
An introduction to intercultural communication : identities in a global community Jandt Fred Edmund 2006 Sage 9.78E+12
Angry words softly spoken : a comparative study of english & arabic womenwriters Sajid Rizvi, Alsharekh Alanoud 2006 Saffron 9.78E+12
Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2006 Center on International Cooperation 2006 Lynne Rienner Publishers 1588264416
Armies of the Young: Child Soldiers in War and Terrorism Rosen, David M. 2006 Rutgers University Press 813535689
Asian Peace: Security and Governance in the Asia Pacific Region Tehranian, Majid 2000 I. B. Tauris 1860644694
Barriers to Conflict Resolution Mnookin, Rober H. et al. 1995 W. W. Norton & Company 393037371
Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mass Killing Waller, James 2005 Oxford University Press 195189493
Beyond Machiavelli : tools for coping with conflict Fisher Roger, Kopelman Elizabeth, Schneider Andrea Kupfer 1994 Penguin Books 9.78E+12
Beyond the Emergency: Development within UN Peace Missions Ginifer, Jeremy 1997 Frank Cass 714643211
Blood Lines: From Ethnic Pride to Ethnic Terrorism Volkan, Vamik 1999 Westview Press 813390389
Breaking Cycles of Violence: Conflict Prevention in Intrastate Crises Demars, W., Gaffney, P. D., Vayrynen, R. & J. Leatherman (eds.) 1999 Kumarian Press 1565490916
Cambodia: Report from a Stricken Land Henry Kamm 1998 "Arcade Publising, N.Y." 1559705078
Challenges and Paths to Global Justice Friman H.Richard 2007 Palgrave Macmillan 9.78E+12
Changing Identities and Networks in the Globalising World: Negotiation Pauline Kent, Takeshi Hamashita, Ayako Iwatani Aysun Uyar 2007 Ryukoku University 9.78E+12
Changing the Guard: Developing Democratic Police Abroad Bayley, David H. 2005 Oxford University Press 195189752
Children at War Singer, P. W. 2006 University of California Press 520248767
China's New Nationalism: pride Peter Hays Gries. 2004 University of California 520232976
Chinese conflict management and resolution Guo-Ming Chen, Ringo Ma 2002 Ablex Pub. 9.78E+12
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