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A list of books below shows the GCP's collection of PCS related literatures.

Title Author(s) Year Publisher ISBN
We now know : rethinking cold war history Gaddis John Lewis 1997 Clarendon Press 9.78E+12
We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda Philip Gourevitch 1999 Picador 312243359
What We Owe Iraq: War and the Ethics of Nation Building Feldman, Noah 2006 Princeton University Press 691126127
What Women Do in Wartime: Gender and Conflict in Africa Turshen, Meredeth & Clotilde Twagiramariya (eds.) 1998 Zed Books 1856495388
Why did the Soviet Union collapse? : understanding historical change Strayer Robert W. 1998 M.E. Sharpe 9.78E+12
Why? Tilly Charles 2006 University Presses of California 9.78E+12
Winning the Peace: The Strategic Implications of Military Civic Action De Pauw, John & George A. Luz (eds.) 1991 Praeger Publishers 275937704
With Intent to Destroy: Reflections on Genocide Tatz, Colin Martin & Colin Tatz 2003 W. W. Norton & Company 1859845509
Women and Peace: Feminist Visions of Global Security Reardon, Betty 1993 State University of New York Press 791414000
Women and politics in the Third World Afshar Haleh 1998 Routledge 9.78E+12
Women and the politics of military confrontation : Palestinian and Israeli gendered narratives of dislocation Nahla Abdo, Ronit Lentin 2004 Berghahn Books 9.78E+12
Women and the state : international perspectives Shirin M. Rai, Geraldine Lievesley 2004 Taylor & Francis 9.78E+12
Women in parliament : beyond numbers Karam Azza M, Ballington Julie 2005 International IDEA 9.79E+12
Women of Lebanon: Interviews with Champions for Peace LaTeef, Nelda 1997 McFarland & Company Publishers 786403292
Writing academic English Oshima Alice, Hogue Ann 2006 Pearson Longman 9.78E+12
Writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day : a guide to starting Bolker Joan 1998 H. Holt 9.78E+12
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