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A list of books below shows the GCP's collection of PCS related literatures.

Title Author(s) Year Publisher ISBN
Peace Operations Seen from Below: U.N. Missions and Local People Pouligny, Beatrice 2006 Kumarian Press 1565492242
Peace Processes and Peace Accords Kumar Das, Samir (ed.) 2005 SAGE Publications 761933913
Peace-keeping in a Peace Process: The Case of Cambodia Amer, Ramses 1995 Uppsala Universitet 9150611259
Peacebuilding and Police Reform Holm, Tor Tanke & Espen Barth Eide (eds.) 2006 Frank Cass 714680400
Peacebuilding: A Field Guide Reychler, Luc & Thania Paffenholz 2000 Lynne Rienner Publishers 1555879373
Peacemaking and Peacekeeping for the New Century Doyle, Olara A., Mandela, Michael W. & Nelson Otunnu 1998 "Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc." 847687279
People Building Peace II: Successful Stories of Civil Society Tongeren, P.V., Brenk, M., Hellema, M. & J. Verhoeven (eds.) 2005 L. Rienner Publishers 1588263835
People Building Peace: 35 Inspiring Stories from around the World State of the World Forum 1999 International Books 9057270293
Peoples versus States: Minorities at Risk in the New Century Gurr, Ted R. 2000 United States Institute of Peace Press 1929223021
Political change and underdevelopment : a critical introduction to Third World politics Randall Vicky, Theobald Robin 1998 Duke University Press 9.78E+12
Political Gain and Civilian Pain Cortright, Thomas G., Lopez, David, Minear, George A. & Larry Weiss 1997 "Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc." 847687031
Politics and development : a critical introduction Tornquist Olle, Mayers Peter 2001 SAGE 9.78E+12
Politics and society in the developing world Calvert Peter, Susan Calvert 2007 Pearson/Longman 9.78E+12
Politics in the developing world : a concise introduction Haynes Jeffrey 2002 Blackwell Pub. 9.78E+12
Politics without sovereignty : a critique of contemporary international relations Bickerton Christopher J., Cunliffe Philip 2007 University College London Press 9.78E+12
Postcolonialism and Political Theory Persram Nalini 2007 Lexington Books 9.78E+12
Poverty and Social Conflict in Sri Lanka: integrating conflict sensitivity into poverty analysis Asirwatham, Ronnate & Prashan Thalaysingam (eds.) 2004 Karunaratne & Sons 9551040066
Power and interdependence Keohane Robert O. and Nye Joseph S. Jr. 1989 Longman 9.78E+12
Power and resistance in the new world order Gill Stephen 2003 Palgrave Macmillan 9.78E+12
Presidentialism Cheibub Jose Antonio 2007 Cambridge University Press JF255 .C45 2007
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