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A list of books below shows the GCP's collection of PCS related literatures.

Title Author(s) Year Publisher ISBN
Nations and nationalism since 1780 : programme Hobsbawm E. J. 1990 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
Civil society : challenging western models Chris Hann, Elizabeth Dunn 1996 Routledge 9.78E+12
"Guide to IGOs, NGOs, and the Military in Peace and Relief Operations " Aall, Pamela R., Miltenberger, Daniel T. & Thomas G. Weiss 2000 United States Institute of Peace Press 1929223056
The Penguin dictionary of sociology Abercrombie Nicholas, Hill Stephen, Turner Bryan S. 2006 Penguin 9.78E+12
Nonviolence and Peace Building in Islam: Theory and Practice Abu-Nimer, Mohammed 2003 University Press of Florida 813027411
Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy Acemoglu Daron Robinson James A. 2005 Cambridge University Press 9.78E+12
"Dictionary of Afghan wars, revolutions, and insurgencies" Adamec, Ludwig W. 1996 Scarecrow Press 810832321
Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan Adamec, Ludwig W. 1997 Scarecrow Press 810833123
Managing Armed Conflicts in the Twenty-First Century Adebajo, Adekeye & Elizabeth M. Cousens (eds.) 2006 Frank Cass 714681369
Muslim women and the politics of participation : implementing the Beijing platform Afkhami Mahnaz, Friedl Erika 1997 Syracuse University Press 9.78E+12
State-building : theory and practice Aidan Hehir, Neil Robinson 2007 Routledge 9.78E+12
Ethnic Politics of Muslims in Sri Lanka Ameerdeen, Vellaithamby 2006 Centre for Minority Studies 9559989200
Peace-keeping in a Peace Process: The Case of Cambodia Amer, Ramses 1995 Uppsala Universitet 9150611259
Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century Andreopoulos, George J. & Richard Pierre Claude (eds.) 1997 University of Pennsylvania Press 812216075
The Use of Force: Military Power and International Politics Art, Robert J. & Kenneth N. Waltz 2004 "Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.;" 742525570
Poverty and Social Conflict in Sri Lanka: integrating conflict sensitivity into poverty analysis Asirwatham, Ronnate & Prashan Thalaysingam (eds.) 2004 Karunaratne & Sons 9551040066
The Ethics of Peace And War: From State Security to World Community Atack, Iain 2005 Palgrave Macmillan 1403971501
War & Peace: Armed Struggle and Peace Efforts of Liberation Tigers Balasingham, Anton 2004 Fairmax Publishing Ltd 1903679052
From Conflict Resolution to Reconciliation Bar-Siman-Tov, Yaacov 2004 Oxford University Press 195166434
Designing for Virtual Communities in the Service of Learning Barab, Sasha A., Kling, Rob & James H. Gray (eds.) 2003 Cambridge University Press 521520819
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