Mission Statement

Our long-term mission at PCS is multidimensional, involving research, training, organizational development, and international cooperation.

First, we aim to contribute to the development of new ways of researching and understanding the dynamics of violent conflict, at the level of general theory but also at the level of specific conflicts or patterns of violence studied in their own unique contexts and with their unique historical trajectories. Building on the strengths of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in languages, and area and international studies, and the diversity and experience of our faculty and especially our students, the PCS program stresses in-depth as well as comparative understanding of conflict-affected and conflict-prone regions.

Second, this understanding has to be applied and put into action to both address ongoing conflicts and to prevent future violence. PCS faculty and student research is therefore also focused on developing specific policy and operational responses. Moreover, a main concern of our graduate degree programs and especially our MA program is to train practitioners and activists who can work in various capacities and settings to put such ideas into action. Faculty are therefore tasked with assisting students to develop an applied perpspective and practical skills.

Third, we hope to develop and expand our position and impact within TUFS, both in terms of teaching and research, and to promote academic and research cooperation with other departments and programs within the university as well as with other universities in Japan and abroad. In addition, PCS will increasingly look to work with practitioners and operationally-focused organizations in mutually beneficial ways.

Lastly, as the university's first program conducted primarily in English, and one of the few such university-level social science programs in Japan, PCS is taking a leading role in the internationalization of the university and the forging of new international links and partners around issues of peace and conflict. Beyond the university, a key long-term goal of PCS is to contribute to international cooperation for peace by continuing to attract a diverse group of international students, by leveraging our alumni network, and through working with and promoting international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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