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Using Card Catalogue

Not all of the library collections are registered to the online catalogue.

If you want to search the TUFS collections thoroughly, you need to search the card catalogue together.

There are two categories of the card catalogue, Shin-Bunrui and Kyû-Bunrui. We adopt Shin-Bunrui cataloging presently for the organization of the online catalogue.

Shin-Bunrui Card Catalogue

●Search Items

Search items of the card catalogue
There are three types of card catalogue. Classified catalogue, author catalogue, and title catalogue.
Classified catalogue
Use the classified catalogue when you do not know the author or the title of a book, or when you want to search about a specific subject thoroughly. The classified catalogue is organized in classification number order (Books of the same class number are filed in accession order). This class number order is basically corresponded to the shelving order.
Author catalogue
Use the author catalogue when you know the author (or editor) of a book.
Title catalogue
Use the title catalogue when you know the title of a book.

Author catalogue and title catalogue are filed in alphabetical order basically. Books written in Japanese and Chinese letters are filed in Hepburn Roman alphabetical order. (Please note that Hangul and Cyrillic are filed in alphabetical order of their original languages.)

●Usable Search Items

Each catalogue has different search items. Please check below for what item is available.

Books in Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Classified catalogue
Author catalogue
Title catalogue
(Korean Books are filed in Hangul alphabetical order.)
Books in other languages
Classified catalogue
Author catalogue
(Books written in Cyrillic letters are filed in Cyrillic alphabetical order. Other non-Roman Alphabet languages are romanized and filed in alphabetical order.)

* You can search encyclopedia, dictionary, or a book without author (books written by their publishers or the books whose authors are not named for particular reasons) by title. A book whose subject is a specific person like biography, you can search the book by the name of the person.


Kyû-Bunrui is the collection accepted before April 1962. The books are classified according to the unique classification table of our university.

Books are filed title[*1] or author[*2] alphabetically within each class of the classified catalogue.
 *1 Books in Japanese, Chinese, Korean
 *2 Books in other languages
The title catalogue and author catalogue are filed alphabetically without considering the class of the books.