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Language and Subject classification table for Kyu-bunrui collection

"Kyu-bunrui"collection is made up of materials entried before 1962. These materials are also classified and shelved according to the language and subject classification table as follows. Some of the books of "Kyu-bunrui" collection have not been registerd in OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog) yet.
So please check by the card catalog index.

Language classification table Subject classification table
E English I    Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
F French II    Linguistics
G German III    Literature
R Russian IV    History. Geography
I Italian V    Philosophy. Religion. Education. Society. Psychology
S Spanish VI    Political science. Law
P Portuguese VII    Industry and commerce. Economics. Public finance.Statistics
D Dutch VIII    Technology. Engineering. Medical sciences
MA Malay, Indonesian IX    The arts. Natural science. Sports and physical training. General collections
HN Hindi, Urdu X    Reports. Yearbooks. Periodicals. Newspapers. Others
C Chinese
MO Mongolian
J Japanese
K Korean
M Others
 M/Af African
 M/An Annamite
 M/Ar Arabic
 M/Bh Bohemiean
 M/Bu Bulgarian
 M/Dn Denmark
 M/Dr Dravidian
 M/Eg Egyptian
 M/Es Esperanto
 M/Est Esthonia
 M/Fn Finland
 M/Gr Greek
 M/Hb Hebrew
 M/Ht Hittite
 M/Hu Hungarian
 M/Hw Hawaiian
 M/Jv Javanese
 M/Ke Keshua
 M/L Latin
 M/Li Lithuanian
 M/Lt Lettish
 M/Mis Miscellaneous
 M/Mn Manchurian
 M/N Norwegian
 M/Or Orient
 M/Pa Pali
 M/Pl Polish/Polynesian
 M/Pr Persian
 M/Ps Pushto
 M/Rm Rumanian
 M/Si Siamese
 M/Sl Slawisch
 M/Sm Samoan
 M/Sn Sanskrit
 M/Sr Serbian
 M/Su Sunda
 M/Sum Sumerian
 M/Sw Swedisch
 M/Sy Syria
 M/T Tamil
 M/Tb Tibetan
 M/Tl Telugu
 M/Tr Turkish
 M/Tt Tatar
 M/U Ukraine
 M/W Welsh