Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Academic Staff

Note: almost all members of academic staff in the Faculty of Foreign Studies teach both undergraduate and graduate courses, while members of the Graduate School teach only graduate courses. Members of staff of Associate Professor rank and higher may undertake Master's thesis supervision.

Faculty of Foreign Studies


European and American Studies I


SOHMIYA, Kiyoko (Professor)
Linguistic semantics; Contrastive study of English and Japanese

TAKAHASHI, Sakutaro (Professor)
Sociolinguistic study of American English; English lexicography

BABA, Akira (Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Studies)
Grammatical theory; Generative syntax; Historical syntax; Corpus linguistics

URATA, Kazuyuki (Associate Professor)
English philology and linguistics

SAITO, Hiroko (Associate Professor)
English phonetics and phonology

NOMURA, Keizo (Associate Professor)
English linuistics; Pragmatics

PETERSON, Mark (Senior Lecturer)
Educational technology with a particular focus on computer-assisted language learning(CALL)

YOSHITOMI, Asako (Senior Lecturer)
Applied linguistics; Second language acquistion; Foreign language attrition of Japanese returnees; Teaching English as a second/foreign language


ZAIMA, Susumu (Professor, Vice President)
Syntactico-semantics of German

NARITA, Takashi (Professor)
German as a foreign language

KIDO, Fuyuki (Associate Professor)
German linguistics; Ethnolinguistics

European and American Studies II


KAWAGUCHI, Yuii (Professor)
French linguistics; Old French and dialectology

TSURUGA, Yoichiro (Professor)
French linguistics; Functional linguistics


YAMAMOTO, Shinji (Senior Lecturer)
Italian linguistics; Italian dialectology


TAKAGAKI, Toshihiro (Professor)
Morphological and syntactic studies of Spanish

TERASAKI, Hideki (Professor)
Spanish linguistics; Spanish morphosyntax; History of Spanish; Romance philology

KAWAKAMI, Shigenobu(Professor)
Hispanic Linguistics; Functional syntax of Modern Spanish; Spanish phonology


KUROSAWA, Naotoshi (Professor)
Portuguese linguistics; Text criticism in medieval Portuguese

Russian and East European Studies


NAKAZAWA, Hidehiko (Professor)
Russian linguistics; East Slavic languages; Aspectology


ISHII, Tetsushiro (Professor)
Polish philology; Russian philology; Contrastive linguistics


KANAZASHI, Kumiko (Senior Lecturer)
Slavic philology

East Asian Studies


HIGUCHI, Yasushi (Professor)
Descriptive study of the Southern Hokkien dialects

YORIFUJI, Atsushi (Professor)
Chinese linguistics

MIYAKE, Takayuki (Associate Professor)
Modern Chinese grammar


IKARASHI, Koichi (Senior Lecturer)
CHO, Eui-sung (Senior Lecturer)


NUKUSHINA, Renzo (Senior Lecturer)
Mongolian linguistics

Southeast Asian Studies


FURIHATA, Masashi (Senior Lecturer)
Indonesian linguistics;Sundanese linguistics


SHOHO, Isamu (Professor)
Applicability of GB theory to Malay; A transformational approach to Malay syntax


YAMASHITA, Michiko (Associate Professor)
Tagalog and other Philippine languages


SUZUKI, Reiko (Associate Professor)
Lao linguistics; Grammar of moderm Lao


UNE, Yoshio (Professor)
Vietnamese linguistics; Vietnamese syntax


UEDA, Hiromi (Associate Professor)
Cambodian linguistics

South and West Asian Studies


HAGITA, Hiroshi (Senior Lecturer)
Urdu literature


RATCLIFFE, Robert R. (Associate Professor)
Phonology; Morphology; Historical linguistics; Arabic dialects; Comparative Afro-Asiatic languages


YOSHIE, Satoko (Junior Lecturer)
Persian linguistics and sociolinguistics


SUGAHARA, Mutsumi (Associate Professor)
Middle Turkic languages of Central Asia

Japanese Studies


AYUSAWA, Takako (Professor)
Speech Science; Teaching Japanese as a second language

USAMI, Mayumi (Professor)
Teaching Japanese as a second language; Social psychology of language; Conversation analysis

KUDOO, Hirosi (Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Modal system in Modern Japanese

HAYATSU, Emiko (Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Modern Japanese syntax; Voice system in Modern Japanese

YUMOTO, Shonan (Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Modern Japanese; Lexicology

KAZAMA, Shinjiro (Associate Professor)
Descriptive linguistics of Altaic languages, especially Tungusic languages; Japanese linguistics; Japanese grammar; History of Japanese

KAWAMURA, Futoshi (Associate Professor)
Auxiliaries in Ancient Japanese

MOCHIZUKI, Keiko (Associate Professor)
Contrastive linguistics between Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English; Pedagogy of teaching Japanese for Chinese learners; Chinese linguistics

UMINO, Tae (Associate Professor)
Second language acquisition; Teaching Japanese as a second language; Language in education research


INOUE, Fumio (Professor)
Sociolinguistic analysis of language use; Sociolinguistic study of honorifics; Japanese dialectology; Computational study of dialect perception; Field research in linguistic change in progress

TOMIMORI, Nobuo (Professor, Director of University Library)
General linguistics; Saussurian linguistics; Romance linguistics and philology; Rhaeto-Romance languages and cultures

SANO, Hiroshi (Associate Professor)
Natural language processing; Electronic dictionary and thesaurus; Computational linguistics; Research and development of Computer-aided learning

NAKAGAWA, Hiroshi (Associate Professor)
Linguistics; Phonetics, Khoisan languages

MASUKO, Yukie (Associate Professor)
Phonetics; Acoustic phonetics

MINOURA, Nobukatsu (Senior Lecturer)
General linguistics; Sign language linguistics; Athabaskan linguistics

MOCHIZUKI, Hajime (Senior Lecturer)

Human and Environmental Studies

ICHIKAWA, Masanori (Professor)
Multivariate data analysis; Covariance structure analysis; Latent variable models

NEGISHI, Masashi (Professor)
Teaching English as a foreign language; Language testing; Applied linguistics

LIN, Chun Chen (Senior Lecturer)
Development of multimedia materials for language education; Development of E-learning study environment for language education; Logical structure analysis of books documents, and image

IKEGAMI, Teruo (Junior Lecturer)


European And American Studies I


ARA, Konomi (Professor)
American literature

GORDON, Jan Baker (Professor)
19th century European fiction with an emphasis on the British novel; The poetry and prose of British Romanticism; The fiction of Yasunari Kawabata

SUZUKI, Akira (Associate Professor)
Critical theory; Cultural theory; Anglo-Irish literature

KATO, Yuji (Senior Lecturer)
American literature (novels, poetry, William Faulkner, Herman Melville); Critical theory


TANIGAWA, Michiko (Professor)
German culture (literature and theatre)

YAMAGUCHI, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)

European and American Studies II


NISHINAGA, Yoshinari (Professor)
Modern French literature

MATSUURA, Hisao (Professor)
History and theory of modern art

MIZUBAYASHI, Akira (Professor)
The French Enlightenment; Literature and society in France during the 18th century


WADA, Tadahiko (Professor)
Modern & Contemporary Italian Literature; Theory of Literature & Arts

HAYASHI, Kazuhiro (Associate Professor)
Italian literature


SUGIURA, Tsutomu (Professor)
Narrative representations in writings and films of Spanish-speaking areas


TAKEDA, Chika (Senior Lecturer)

Russian and East European Studies


KAMEYAMA, Ikuo (Professor)
Modern Russian literature

DOLIN, Alexandre (Professor)
Comparative literature and culture studies (research in Japanese, Russian and European poetry and poetics); Russian literature, classic art, culture and society

WATANABE, Masaji (Professor)
History of Russian thought

SUZUKI, Yoshikazu (Associate Professor)
Economic history of the Soviet Union (the planned economy in the 1920s and 1930s; Public opinion and Russian society during the transition to a market economy)


SEKIGUCHI, Tokimasa (Professor)
History of Polish culture and literature; Formation of Poles' self-image; Originality of Cracow culture in the 19th and 20th centuries

East Asian Studies


KOBAYASHI, Tsugio (Professor)
Modern Chinese literature

KAWASHIMA, Ikuo (Associate Professor)
Chinese literature


HASUMI, Haruo (Professor)
Studies of Mongol folklore; Studies of the Mongol language

OKADA, Kazuyuki (Associate Professor)
Modern Mongolian literature

Southeast Asian Studies


UDO, Seiji (Professor)
Thai literature


KIKUCHI, Yoko (Senior Lecturer)
Modern and contemporary history of Laos


KAWAGUCHI, Ken'ichi (Professor)
Vietnamese literature; Classical Chu-nom literature before the 19th century; Vietnamese modern literature in the first half of the 20th century


OKADA, Tomoko (Associate Professor)
Cambodian literature


TOSA, Keiko (Professor)
Anthropological Study on Myanmar; Religious Revivalism in Southeast Asia

South and West Asian Studies


ASADA, Yutaka (Associate Professor)
Urdu language and literature; Muslim culture in India and Pakistan


MIZUNO, Yoshifumi (Associate Professor)
Sanskrit literature and Medieval Hindi literature


YAGI, Kumiko (Associate Professor)
Religious studies of modern Islam, particularly in relation to nationalism; Negative and positive roles of Islam in the process of construction of Egyptian national identity in the first half of the 20th century


FUJII, Morio (Professor)
History of Literature and Thought in Iran; Persian Sufi Texts

SASAKI, Ayano (Junior Lecturer)
Classical Persian literature, especially concerning Hafiz (the 14th century)

Japanese Studies


SHIBATA, Shoji (Professor)
Modern Japanese literature

MURAO, Seiichi (Professor)
Classical Japanese literature; Waka-poems in the 12th-16th centuries

YONETANI, Masafumi (Associate Professor)
Intellectual history of Japan; History of social thought


KURITA, Hiroyuki (Professor)
Cultural anthropology, Melanesian studies

NAKAYAMA, Kazutyoshi (Professor)
Cultural anthropology; Historical anthropology of Oceania; Western images of Japan

IWASAKI, Tsutomu (Associate Professor)
Roman poetry of the Augustan age

IWASAKI, Minoru (Associate Professor)
Philosophy, History of ideas (Western and also Modern Japanese), Cultural studies.

Human and Environmental Studies

ABO, Masayuki (Professor)
Sport management; Public administration for sport

TAJIMA, Nobumoto (Professor)
Developmental psychology (cognitive development, development of social relations, language acquisition); Instructional psychology (teacher-student interaction, family education); Cultural psychology (social formation of cognition); Cognitive science (man-machine interface)

HIGASHI, Ken'ichi (Professor)
Budo-ron; Coaching methods of kendo

MANBE, Motomu (Associate Professor)

YOSHIMOTO, Hideyuki (Associate Professor)
History of science


European And American Studies I


KANAI, Kotaro (Professor)
New England society in the Revolutionary period

SASAKI, Takahiro (Professor)
American social history; Race relations in the south; Family and gender relations in the south, 1820-1920

WAKAMATSU, Kunihiro (Associate Professor)
Contemporary British politics; West European politics; West European politics; Policy process analysis


SOMA, Yasuo (Professor)
History of modern and contemporary Germany / Europe

MASUTANI, Hideki (Professor)
Modern history of Germany and Austria

European and American studies II


KUDO, Koichi (Associate Professor)
History of modern and contemporary France


KOGE, Ichiro (Professor)
History of modern and contemporary Italy


TAKAHASHI, Masaaki (Professor, Vice President)
Contemporary history of Latin America

TATEISHI, Hirotaka (Professor Chairman of the Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies)
History of modern Spain; Reforms in the Enlightenment and Liberalism; Relations between state, church and society; Building of nation state

YASUMURA, Naoki (Associate Professor)
History: Inter-ethnic relations in colonial Mexico; Anthropology; Ethnic movements in Latin America


SUZUKI, Shigeru (Professor)
History of modern and contemporary Brazil

Russian and East European Studies


TAKAHASHI, Seiji (Professor)
Russian history


SHINOHARA, Taku (Associate Professor)
Modern Czech and East-Central European history; Czech social history

East Asian Studies


USUI, Sachiko (Professor)
Chinese history

SAWADA, Yukari (Associate Professor)
Area studies: Contemporary China; Social welfare; Sociology Development Economics


TSUKIASHI, Tatsuhiko (Associate Professor)
Modern history of Korea

NIWA, Izumi (Associate Professor)
Sociology of religion; Religions in Korea (shamanism, new religions)


FUTAKI, Hiroshi (Professor)
Modern history of Mongolia; Legal history of Mongolia

Southeast Asian Studies


SATO, Hiroyuki (Professor)
Modern economic history of the Netherlands

SODA, Naoki (Senior Lecturer)
Modern History and Comparative Politics of Southeast Asia;
Nationalism and State-formation in Malaysia


OGAWA, Hidefumi (Associate Professor)
Southeast Asian archaeology; Philippine archaeology; Symbiotic relationships between hunter-gatherers and farmers


KOIZUMI, Junko (Associate Professor)
Thai history


IMAI, Akio (Associate Professor)
Modern history of Vietnam


SAITO, Teruko (Professor)
Socio-economic history of Burma; Comparative studies of economic thought South and West Asian Studies

South and West Asian Studies


AWAYA, Toshie (Associate Professor)
Modern history of South Asia; Women's history


FUJII, Takeshi (Professor)
Modern history of South Asia; Caste consciousness; Ethnic minorities, language problems, history of social thought and socio-religious reform movements in South Asia; Social history of South Asia


FUJITA, Susumu (Professor)
Modern and contemporary history of the Arab world


HACHIOSHI, Makoto (Professor)
Modern history of Iran; Modern political thought of Shia Islam


ARAI, Masami (Professor)
Modern history of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey

HAYASHI, Kayoko (Associate Professor)
Historical studies of Ottoman urban societies

Japanese Studies


NOMOTO, Kyoko (Professor)
Modern history of Japan; Rural history of Japan

YOSHIDA, Yuriko (Professor)
Early modern history of Japan


INADA, Masahiro (Professor)
Modern history of Japan

SATO, Kimihiko (Professor)
Modern history of China, East Asia

Social Sciences

IJIRI, Hidenori (Professor)
Politics and international relations in East Asia; US-China-Taiwan relations; Domestic politics and foreign policy of China and Taiwan

OBLAS, Peter B. (Professor)
International relations; Nationalism

NAKANO, Toshio (Professor)
Social theory; Social thought; Historical sociology; Ethics

NISHITATENO, Sonoko (Professor)
International law; International human rights law

WATANABE, Hirotaka (Professor)
French politics and diplomacy; International relations; European integration; History of international relations in Europe

OKAWA, Masahiko (Associate Professor)
Political theory; Social ethics

OGASAWARA, Yoshiyuki (Associate Professor)
Comparative politics;Election studies; Taiwanese politics

SHINKUMA, Takayoshi (Associate Professor)

SENDA, Yuki (Associate Professor)
Sociology; Gender studies

TAJIMA, Yoichi (Associate Professor)
International economics; Development economics; Mexican economy; Human and Environmental Studies

GAMOU, Keiichi (Senior Lecturer)
Applied macroeconomics; US economy

Human and Environmental Studies

KURAISHI, Ichiro (Associate Professor)


BECK, Thomas Emil (Visiting Professor)

BÜKER, Stella (Visiting Associate Professor)


TANI Moratalla, Rumi

OLIVEIRA, Ronald Polito De (Visiting Associate Professor)

NIKIPORETS, Galina (Visiting Associate Professor)

DUDA, Henryk (Visiting Associate Professor)

HOMOLÁC, Jiri (Visiting Associate Professor)

YU Wenqing (Visiting Associate Professor)

SHIN Myoungjik (Visiting Associate Professor)

KHURELBAATAR, Lhamsureng (Visiting Professor)

ARIYANTO (Visiting Associate Professor)

SAIFUL Bahari Bin Ahmad (Visiting Associate Professor)

LEITH Casel-Schuetz (Visiting Associate Professor)

PEINUKACHON, Vichai (Visiting Professor)

SILATTANAKOUN, Aloun (Visiting Associate Professor)

NGUYEN Thien Nam (Visiting Associate Professor)

KEP Sokunthearath

KYI Kyi Oo (Visiting Associate Professor)

JAMIL, Moinuddin (Visiting Associate Professor)

RITUPARNA, Suresh Chandra Agrawal (Visiting Professor)

ELSHORBAGY, Salwa (Visiting Associate Professor)

ZAHRA, Taheri Tanha (Visiting Professor)

ÇERI, Bahriye (Visiting Associate Professor)



Division of Transcultural Studies

UEMURA, Tadao (Professor)
Theory of humanities and sciences; Intellectual history

HSIAO, Hsingchun (Junior Lecturer)
Modern Japanese literature; Comparative literature; Comparative culture

Division of International Politics and Economy

NISHITANI, Osamu (Professor)
Philosophy; Contemporary thought

NAKAYAMA, Chikako (Associate Professor)
History of economic thought

Division of Cross-linguistic Studies

NOMA, Hideki (Professor)
Korean linguistics and Contrastive linguistics; Grammar, lexicology

ITO, Hideto (Associate Professor)
Korean linguistics (Middle Korean)

NAM, Yunjin (Associate Professor)
Korean linguistics


AGAWA, Hirosato (Visiting Professor)

OTA, Tsutomu (Visiting Professor)

TOIDA, Mitsuru (Visiting Professor)

YAMADA, Shunichi (Visiting Professor)

SASAOKA, Yuichi (Visiting Associate Professor)

SHINOZAKI, Hiromasa (Visiting Associate Professor)

HAZAMA, Yasushi (Visiting Associate Professor)

HATASE, Mariko (Visiting Associate Professor)

Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA)

Foundations of Language and Culture

MACHIDA, Kazuhiko (Professor)
Indo-Aryan languages

MATSUSHITA, Shuji (Professor)
African languages

IIZUKA, Masato (Associate Professor)
Islamic Studies

KAWAI, Kaori (Associate Professor)

MAJIMA, Ichiro (Associate Professor)
West African anthropology

OTA, Nobuhiro (Tenured Research Associates)

Language and Culture Communication

KAGAYA, Ryohei (Professor)
Acoustic phonetics; Bantu & Khoisan languages

SHIBANO, Kohji (Professor)
Multimedia database; Multilingual text processing

NAKAMI, Tatsuo (Professor)
International relations in East and Inner Asia

ODA, Jun'ichi (Associate Professor)

KIKUSAWA, Ritsuko (Associate Professor)
Austronesian languages

SAWADA, Hideo (Associate Professor)
Descriptive study of Tibeto-Burman languages in Kachin state and Northeast India

TOYOSHIMA, Masayuki (Associate Professor)
Japanese philology

HOSHI, Izumi (Research Associate)
Tibetan language and its dialects

ARAKAWA, Shintaro (Tenured Research Associates)
Tangut Language and its Philology

Transregional Studies I

ISHII, Hiroshi (Professor)
South Asian anthropology

SHINTANI, Tadahiko, L.A (Professor)
Linguistics and metaphysics

DANIELS, Christian (Professor)
History of Chinese technology, Ming / Qing

BHASKARARAO, Peri (Professor)
Phonetics, South Asian languages

MIYAZAKI, Koji (Professor Director of the Institute)
Anthropology of Austronesian societies Anthropological study of migration and Borneo and Surrounding Areas

KURIHARA, Hirohide (Associate Professor)
Contemporary Vietnamese history

KUREBITO, Tokusu (Associate Professor)
Chukchi language

TOKORO, Ikuya (Associate Professor)
Anthropology of South-East Asian islanders

NEMOTO, Kei (Associate Professor)
Modern Burmese history

MIO, Yuko (Associate Professor)
East Asian anthropology

ITO, Chiyuki (Tenured Research Associates)

SHIOHARA, Asako (Tenured Research Associates)
Linguistics, Languages in Indonesia (Balinese, Sumbawan)

ARND, Helmut Hafner (Tenured Research Associates)
Chinese Legal History; Sociology of Law

Transregional Studies II

UCHIBORI, Motomitsu (Professor, Director of Information Resources Center)
Socio-cultural anthropology, South East Asian ethnology

OGAWA, Ryo (Professor)
Fulani people and culture of West Africa

KAJI, Shigeki (Professor)
Bantu languages; Ethnolinguistics

KUROKI, Hidemitsu (Associate Professor)
Modern Middle Eastern history

TAKACHIO, Hitoshi (Associate Professor)
Symbolism and representation of the world

NAGAHARA, Yoko (Associate Professor)
History of Southern Africa

HANEDA, Koichi (Associate Professor)
Safavid Era Iranian history

FUKAZAWA, Hideo (Associate Professor)
Social anthropology of the Malagasy speech communities in the Indian Ocean

Information Resources Center

TAKASHIMA, Jun (Professor)
Computer-aided text analysis; Hinduism

MINEGISHI, Makoto (Professor)
Linguistic typology, Austroasiatic languages

KONDO, Nobuaki (Associate Professor)

NAKAYAMA, Toshihide (Associate Professor)
North American Indian languages (Wakashan); Morphosyntax; Linguistic typology; Discourse and grammar

NISHII, Ryoko (Associate Professor)
Anthropology of South-East Asia

Japanese Language Center for International Students

Division of Japanese Teaching and Academic Studies

ITO, Sukero (Professor)
Japanese language education; Applied linguistics; Language testing

UTSUMI, Takashi (Professor)
Modern Japanese history

KASHIWAZAKI, Masayo (Professor)
Japanese language education; Discourse analysis; Pragmatics

SAKAMOTO, Megumi (Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Japanese language education

TANI, Kazuaki (Professor)
Pedagogy of adult education; Theory of Soziokultur

TAYAMA, Noriko (Professor)
Japanese language education; Text linguistics

MATSUI, Nobuyuki (Professor)
Synthetic chemistry; Solid and liquid chemistry; Electrolytic synthesis; Science education

MICHIWAKI, Ayako (Professor)
Applied physics; Crystallography and crystal growth; Electrolytic synthesis; Science education

YOKOTA, Atsuko (Professor)
Japanese Language Education; Educational Technology

ITAMI, Chie (Associate Professor)
Japanese language education

KANEKO, Hiroko (Associate Professor)
Japanese language education

KUSUMOTO, Tetsuya (Associate Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Japanese language education

SAKAI, Junko (Associate Professor)
Japanese language education; Kana (Japanese characters) and Kanji (Chinese characters)

SATO, Hirotaka (Associate Professor)
Algebraic Number Theory

SATO, Yumiko (Associate Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Phonetics

SUZUKI, Mika (Associate Professor)
Teaching Japanese as a foreign language; Educational technology

ZENNYOJI, Toshiyuki (Associate Professor)
Japanese language education; Kanji (Chinese characters) studies and education

FUJIMURA, Tomoko (Associate Professor)
Japanese language education; Text linguistics; Investigation of differences in reading comprehension and production between Japanese as a second language learners and Japanese university students; Developing computerized elementary Japanese reading materials related to the geography of Japan.

MOTAI, Takahiro (Associate Professor)
Partial differential equations

OGATA, Rie (Senior Lecturer)
Japanese grammar; Ancient Japanese

SUZUKI, Tomomi (Senior Lecturer)
Japanese linguistics; Semantics

HANAZONO, Satoru (Senior Lecturer)
Japanese linguistics

Division of Planning and Promoting Japanese Language Teaching

ARAKAWA, Yohey (Associate Professor)
Cognitive linguistics; Cognitive semantics

TSUCHIYA, Jun'ichi (Associate Professor)
Japanese linguistics; Phonetics

NAKAMURA, Akira (Associate Professor)
Theoretical linguistics; Japanese linguistics

FUJIMORI, Hiroko (Associate Professor)
Applied linguistics; Second language acquisition; Japanese language education

OKADA, Akito (Senior Lecturer)
Comparative and International Education

Division of Counseling and Guidance

MACHIDA, Soho (Professor)
Comparative religion; Japanese intellectual history

MIYAGI, Toru (Senior Lecturer)
Cross-cultural education; Educational supervision

KOMATSU, Yumi (Senior Lecturer)
Intercultural communication and teaching

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