Information from the Immigration Bureau

【Notice】Please note this information is old and may not be correct any more.

入国管理局からのお知らせ 3 (英語)
Information from the Immigration Bureau

To Foreign Nationals
・Victims of this earthquake will be able to extend the period of stay until August 31,2011.
・The various immigration procedures can also be handled at the nearest immigration office to your evacuation site.
・The consultation service relating to the earthquake is available.

  Please contact
   Immigration Information Center
     TEL 0570-013904(weekday 8:30~17:15)
      (IP・PHS・International call 03-5796-7112) 
     Mail info-tokyo@immi-moj.go.jp
     Available Languages
  Japanese English Chinese Korean Spanish Portuguese

To the Family Members or Relatives of Foreign Nationals
・Confirming the Safety of Earthquake Victims (Inquiries on Departure Facts)

Please contact
Immigration Information Management Office, General Affairs Division, Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice
    TEL 03-3580-4111(weekday 9:30~18:00)
    FAX 03-3592-8129
    Mail nyukan44@moj.go.jp
Available Languages  Japanese English

All kinds of immigration information are also being posted on the website!