Nh?ng ki?n th?c c? b?n v? nhi?m x? (Thong bao l?n th? 5)

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放射線被ばくに関する基礎知識 第5報 (ベトナム語)

Nh?ng ki?n th?c c? b?n v? nhi?m x? (Thong bao l?n th? 5)
Th? sau, ngay 25 thang 3 n?m 2011
Vi?n nghien c?u t?ng h?p y h?c phong x?
(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)

1. Qua bao chi ???c bi?t, n??c may c?a Tr?m x? ly n??c Kanamachi ? th? ?o Tokyo co 210 bequerel iodine phong x? tren m?t lit, v?y ng??i l?n u?ng n??c nay co sao khong?

Ng??i l?n u?ng thi khong c?n lo l?ng ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e. Tieu chu?n an toan c?a nha n??c quy ??nh v? l??ng iodine phong x? trong m?t lit n??c la 300 bequerel. Tieu chu?n nay quy ??nh la u?ng n??c co iodine phong x? su?t th?i gian dai thi tuy?n giap tr?ng h?p th? l??ng phong x? ph?i d??i 50 millsievert trong m?t n?m.*1
Vi d?, n?u m?t ng??i l?n u?ng m?i ngay 2 lit n??c v?i m?c 300 bequerel/ lit trong vong 2 thang, tinh theo h? s? chuy?n ??i c?a ?y ban Qu?c t? b?o h? ch?ng phong x? (ICRP) thi s? b? nhi?m x? kho?ng 790 microsievert. M?c nay b?ng kho?ng m?t ph?n 3 m?c phong x? con ng??i h?p th? t? thien nhien trong m?t n?m; nen khong c?n lo l?ng ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e. Them n?a, th?i gian ban h?y (th?i gian n?ng l?c phong x? gi?m m?t n?a) c?a iodine phong x? la 8 ngay. 8 ngay tr?i qua s? con m?t n?a, them 8 ngay n?a thi ch? con m?t ph?n 4. Do ?o, n?u nh? h?p th? vao c? th? thi 2 thang sau ch? con d??i m?t ph?n 100 l??ng phong x? minh ?a h?p th? ma thoi.

*1 ?y ban An toan h?t nhan Nh?t B?n "V? bi?n phap phong ch?ng tai h?a t?i cac c? s? h?t nhan v.v..." (S?a ??i cu?i cung vao thang 9 n?m 2010)

2. N??c ???c ?? c?p ? cau tren co th? s? d?ng ?? n?u ?n ???c khong?

Khong c?n ph?i lo l?ng ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e khi s? d?ng n??c nay ?? n?u ?n. Khi ??t tieu chu?n an toan ?a tinh ??n vi?c s? d?ng ?? n?u ?n nen ???c quy ??nh lam sao cho kh? n?ng ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e it xu?t hi?n.

3. N??c ?? c?p ? cau tren co th? s? d?ng ?? t?m r?a, suc mi?ng, ?anh r?ng v.v... ???c khong?

S? d?ng n??c may vao cac m?c ?ich ngoai u?ng va n?u ?n c?ng khong ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e.
Ng??i ta suy ?oan r?ng n?u nh? s? d?ng n??c may co n?ng ?? iodine phong x? (300 bequerel/ lit) va ceasium phong x? (200 bequerel/ lit) la m?c b?ng tieu chu?n an toan v?i cac m?c ?ich ngoai u?ng su?t 1 n?m thi m?c nhi?m x? do phong x? thoat ra t? n??c s? kho?ng 14,5 microsievert va nhi?m x? do h?p th? iodine phong x? va caesium phong x? ?a bay h?i t? n??c t?i ?a la kho?ng 250 microsievert. M?c nay t??ng ???ng v?i l??ng phong x? co th? b? nhi?m khi ?i may bay kh? h?i gi?a Tokyo va New York, nen khong c?n lo l?ng ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e.

(Tham kh?o)
4. Toi nghe noi la iodine phong x? s? b?c h?i khi soi len, co ph?i khong?

Khi ?un soi thi iodine phong x? c?ng khong bay h?i. N??c s? b?c h?i nen co tr??ng h?p iodine phong x? ???c co ??c l?i.

5. Co ?nh h??ng t?i s?c kh?e c?a nh?ng ph? n? co thai va tr? em khong?

V? v?n ?? nay, xin tham kh?o vao quan ?i?m c?a cac h?i sau ?ay:
H?i phong x? y h?c Nh?t B?n (Japan Radiological Society)
http://www.radiology.jp/modules/news/article.php?storyid=912H?i ph? s?n Nh?t B?n (Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology)