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Affiliation Specially Appointed Researcher, African Studies Center ‐TUFS
E-mail yasuo.matsunamitufs.ac.jp
Research Field Anthropology
Key Words Religious Anthropology, Ritual, Pilgrimage, Suffering, Ethiopia
Research Interest He has made extensive studies of how the people of the rural Oromo communities in Ethiopia forge bonds of solidarity through their participation in pilgrimages and rituals. His research focuses on the relationship between people’s sufferings and the practices of the indigenous spirit cult, including the function of the daily religious meetings held by followers of the cult. His most recent research explores the practice of sharing stories of suffering with others, and how communality is formed in sacred places.
Academic Career 2008-2011 Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC1)
2015-2017 First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in South Sudan
Degree PhD (Sociology) (Hitotsubashi University)
Academic Associations Japan Association for Nilo-Ethiopian Studies
Japan Association For African Studies
The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
Major Works

Major Publications:

  • (Eds.) ASC-TUFS Working Papers 2018 "Development, Migration, and Resources in Africa,Hitomi Kirikoshi, Yasuo Matsunami, and Shinichi Takeuchi (Eds.),African Studies Center - TUFS,2019
  • Women gathering at Hadra, in Minako Ishihara Eds. Gendai Ethiopia no Josei Tachi (Women in Contemporary Ethiopia), Fukyosha: 389-341,2017 [Japanese]
  • Never-ending Affliction, Unpublished doctoral thesis, Hitotsubashi University,2015 [Japanese]
  • On the "Communality" Emerging from Heterogeneous Pilgrims in Bosat, Ethiopia, Annual Papers of the Anthropological Institute, Vol.3, Nanzan University: 74-96,2013 [Japanese]
  • Matsunami, Y. and Minako Ishihara (2009) Filming Pilgrimage to Ya'a: Toward a Participatory Filmmaking, Nilo-Ethiopian Studies, Vol.13, Nilo-Ethiopia Studies: 13-46

Selected Presentations:

  • Oromo Nationalism and the "Heritagisation" in Ethiopia, UP-TUFS Seminar, International Conference, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, University of Pretoria, Oral (general), University of Pretoria, 2018